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I have no talent but an immense desire: that which arises from the dream and which forces it to pass the doors of the realization and therefore of the reality.

It is always difficult to talk about yourself, so I share with you the feeling of a loved one who has understood the slightest twist in my artistic journey and to whom I owe most of my self-confidence:


SEOUL-PARIS ... 8965 km ... 12 hours of flight ... roots ... and wings ...

By his daring creations which are very often a challenge of balance for the clay  outside of a state of weightlessness,

By the originality of its approach,

By the delicacy of the cuts and the fantasy of the convolutions of the works that take shape ...

It takes a little time for the neophyte to perceive all the prowess and subtlety of his artistic talent which is natural, innate and spontaneous.

No long artistic studies ... a gift from heaven as there are few, astonishing freshness, precision, depth and fantasy.

Everything seems so easy when you follow the evolution of one of his creations which often takes birth in a few days. His mind wanders and flies away ...

But what is his style, some would say? What repetition can we find in his creations to reassure the average collector? The answer is simple: imagination and creativity without rules or straitjackets, such is its signature! There are too many new things to explore!

So far from the beaten track of the ease of declination to infinity of pieces that are linked and resemble each other, she gives a material existence to her thoughts, her impulses, her passions.

From antiquity to fantastic and dreamlike universes, from animal to abstract, from bust to artistic nude, from clay to bronze, from marble to the century-old stump of a Provencal olive tree, from canvas to Canson paper , the range of possibilities does not seem to have borders ...

His universe opens up to us like a timeless refuge.

Also, let our minds wander, dream and travel for a moment by his side, the invitation is really worth it, the pain and the pleasure all tangled up.


In the mood for something new

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